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Gontobbo Foundation is non government. non political, social development based organization which works for deprived people. Gontobbo works for underprivileged peoples,who are around us including women, children and to solve un employment issues. Gontobbo is determined to stand by these underprevelized peoples with the help of youth power. Gontobbo works on social welfare and improvement of our society.

We target groupwise and we discuss on the necessity to work for that group andthen we take any decission.
Our target groups are 1 child. 2 women 3 unemloyed peoples TARGET ; The main target of gontobbo is to solve the unemloyement problem and to establish the rights of women and children. AIM; "sobar upor manush shotto tahar upor nai"- believing on this principal and work for the people all nationality, religion make them realise about their human rights.

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He learned to work practically, he learned to work for country and people from family. When boys of his age was busy with playing and roaming around with friend he started working with a group of young people for a better future of deprived people. His dream is to make "Shonar Bangla"

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